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Fine Mesh Stencil - Henna Paisley 45cm
Fine Mesh Stencil - Henna Paisley 45cm

Fine Mesh Stencil - Henna Paisley 45cm

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These fine mesh style stencils have been developed to create a fine pattern when using either Royal Icing, Airbrushing, Lustre Dusts, Edible paints and other mediums.  The effect you will achieve with these is far more detailed and precise due to the fine nature of the stencil. 

The size of this stencil is 45cm x 18cm. These will be rolled for packing

Royal icing
Place the Stencil directly on the cake or onto rolled out modelling paste. Place dollops of royal icing to help hold the stencil in place, then spread the royal icing, using a scraper or pallet knife, evenly over the stencil. Gently pull off the stencil and admire.

Lustre dusts
Place on a cake that has been freshly covered with sugarpaste, roll over the stencil with a rolling pin, smear white vegetable fat over the exposed pattern, then using a soft brush, dust with lustre dust.

Icing (powered) sugar / Cocoa
Gently sprinkle through the stencil onto a cake top - but easy does it! The effect is awesome just with a light dusting and if you dust too much it will spread when someone as much as passes by!

Secure stencil in and spray - experiment using different colours on different sections of the stencil. Keep your stencil flat against the surface to avoid overspray, and spray close to the stencil detail.

Care of Stencil

Wash your stencils by hand and allow them to air dry before storing carefully.