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Chocolate Hedgehog Slice - 500g
Chocolate Hedgehog Slice - 500g

Chocolate Hedgehog Slice - 500g

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Chocolate Hedgehog Slice

500g Hedgehog Slice
100g Butter
50g Water
25g Walnuts (optional)

Method: Place all ingredients into mixing bowl. Blend together on low speed until well combined. Scrape and remix to combine all ingredients. Press firmly into baking tray. Bake at 180 deg C for approx 15 minutes.

Optional - add chocolate icing / ganache
Decorate with crushed nuts or coconut.

Ingredients: Biscuit Pieces [wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil (antioxidant (307)), wheat starch, milk solids, salt, raising agents (500, 503), preservative (223), natural flavour, acidity regulator (330)], Sugar, coconut (preservative (223)), Maltodextrin, Cocoa Powder (6%), Vegetable Oil [antioxidant (307)], Natural Flavour.
Contains: Gluten, Milk, Sulphites. May be present due to shared equipment: egg, soy
Best before 12 months from date of manufacture. Store below 25°C in clean, dry conditions and protected from direct sunlight.