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12inch Blue Poly Dowels - 50PK

12inch Blue Poly Dowels - 50PK

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Poly-Dowels are specially designed plastic dowels for building stacked and tiered cakes. They are designed for giving your cakes amazing stability and support while remaining very easy to cut and comform to your needs.

Poly-Dowels are the Professional's choice for multi-tiered cake support. The beauty of the Poly-Dowels are that they allow the cake to pass through them instead of compressing the cake like conventional dowels.

The plastic that Poly Dowels are made from has been specially engineered for these to hold weight. Poly-Dowels are thicker, and stronger due to the unique internal ridges inside the Poly Dowel. 

  • Easy to cut with scissors.
  • Easy to see when disassembling cake.
  • Sanitary
  • Disposable
  • Not chemically treated