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Universal Donut Mix 2.5kg

Universal Donut Mix 2.5kg

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Universal Donut Mix is a premium donut mix. It is simple to prepare, with just the addition of water required. Get creative and experiment with different donut flavours!

Wheat flour, sugar, skim milk powder, vegetable fats and oils (soy), mineral salts (339, 341, 450), raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), egg powder, salt, soy flour, flavours, maltodextrin, spice extract. Contains wheat, egg, milk and soy.


For use in Hand Operated Donut Equipment -
2.5kg Donut Mix
1.4 litres Cold Water
For use in Automatic Donut Equipment -
2.5kg Donut Mix
1 litre Cold Water
1. Blend mix and cold water together for 1 minute at low speed.
2. Mix on medium speed for 1 minute.
3. Rest mixture for 10 minutes. Follow equipment manufacturers instructions for frying the donuts.